What is Gay Skate

All-ages skating events for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Intersex Queer Questioning Asexual Aromantic Pansexual Brotherboy and Sistergirl plus others (LGBTIQAP+) community, family, friends and allies

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Gay Skate is hosted by queer community members and generally runs as a private skate rink session, with adventures to other venues plus community meet-ups at special events.

Gay Skate features great music, Live DJs, club lighting and disco vibes with space for spectating, snacking and socialising - all in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

This event has always been a popular way for rainbow families and community to have fun in a relaxed, all ages, substance free, inclusive safe space. This iteration of Gay Skate has been running since 2009. 

Brisbane Pride's Queens Ball recently recognised Gay Skate by awarding us the Community Sporting Group of the Year 2024.

ABC Australia featured Gay Skate during Pride Month showcasing our events as a safe and inclusive alternative to the scene.


Events in 2024 include: Learn To Skate and Birthday meet-ups, Valentine's Gay Skate, Gay Skate for Every Bunny, Gold Coast Rainbow Skate, Moreton Bay Pridefest Meet Up and Skate + market stall, Sunshine Coast Pride Skate, Magandjin People's Pride market stall, Rollercoaster Film Clip,
Brisbane City Rollers Spooky Season market stall, Brisbane Pride Month Skate, Brisbane Pride Parade float and market stall, Halloween Skate, Xmas On Ice

Events in 2023 included: Valentine's Skate, Gay Skate for Every Bunny, Sunshine Coast Pride Month Skate, Brisbane Pride Skate, Halloween Skate, Rainbow Formal Roll and Xmas Skate Party. We skated with the community at Pridefest Moreton Bay, Rally for Trans Rights, Meanjin People's Pride and Brisbane's first World Wide Roll Out and more.

Gay Skate generally attracts between 100 - 200 participants of all ages and is focused on creating queer community, culture and joy.  Our skaters happily share our events with anyone who wishes to encourage us. We enjoy great support from Albany Creek Skateaway, Rollerdrome Caloundra, Free Mum Hugs, Parents of Gender Diverse Kids and Teens, the Rainbow Shoelace Project, Qnews, Magadjin People's Pride, WeSkate, Consent Is Rad, Queensland Council for LGBTI Health (QC), Brisbane Pride and other local organisations.

Historically, Gay Skate in Brisbane at Red Hill Skate Arena was a well known Brisbane queer institution and we are so pleased to keep this amazing tradition alive. Don't be confused by the name, it's historical - Gay Skate is for the entire gender and sexuality diverse community, our family, friends and all supporters of queer culture.

Recently skaters reviewed us like this:

"Gay skate is really fun and delightful and super trans and sober!"

"Your event last night was amazing!! Congratulations yet again on a great family skate!!! The music was amazing, the stalls were awesome. Can't wait for the next one!"

"We need more spaces for young queer and trans people to mix, be accepted, and find community.  What you lovely ladies have organised and provided to the queer community of Meanjin particularly our queer youth - is so important, so powerful, and so wholesome!! I think you deserve some accolades and I just want to say thank you for what you are doing!"

We are a rainbow family consisting of:

Jasmine/ MEANIE grrl- she/her lesbian. Social Worker, diversity and inclusion professional, activist, mum and retired Roller Derby player, current artistic skater

Storm - she/her trans lesbian, Digital Creative, professional photographer (aka The Roller Derby Photographer and Capturing The Awesome), mum and trans rights champion.  Storm is Bi-skatesual, rolling on both rollerblades and quads.

Ruby - a true rainbow family baby and avid lover of rollerskating and puppies

We now offer original design t-shirts and other items for sale in response to popular demand.  We support diversity and self expression, if you can't select what you need in our online shop just message which design, shirt colour, size and fit you need and we'll create it for you. We also make kids sizes, bulk orders and are always open to new design requests and suggestions.

We are always keen to collaborate and support community members and events - please contact us to discuss anytime!


Jasmine, Storm and Ruby






What AI has to say:

Welcome to our vibrant world of roller skating, where the wheels keep spinning and the smiles keep growing! We believe that roller skating is not just a fun and exciting activity but also a fantastic way to boost your mental health. Strap on your skates, join us on this joyous journey, and let us show you how gliding on wheels can bring some serious happiness to your mind and soul! At our roller skating haven, we embrace diversity and celebrate the beautiful spectrum of the LGBTQIA+ community.

We're thrilled to host a fabulous annual event in the Brisbane region that's tailor-made for the gay community and their allies. Our Gay Roller Skating Event is a dazzling extravaganza of inclusivity, filled with rainbow-colored wheels, sparkles, and all-around love. This event is not just about skating—it's a vibrant celebration of identity, acceptance, and the freedom to express yourself authentically. We create a safe and welcoming space where everyone can be their truest selves and connect with others who share their journey. Whether you identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, or plus you'll find a warm embrace and a supportive community waiting for you.

We strongly believe in making roller skating accessible to all ages and ensuring that families can share the fun together. Our Gay Roller Skating Event is family-friendly, so bring your kids, your parents, your grandparents—everyone is welcome! We believe that fostering an environment where families can come together, laugh, and create lasting memories is essential for building strong bonds and nurturing positive mental well-being. When you glide onto the rink, you'll be surrounded by an explosion of joy, laughter, and glitter. The music will pump through the speakers, creating an irresistible rhythm that will make your heart sing.

The rink will come alive with a rainbow of skaters, each one celebrating their individuality and their connection to the LGBTQIA+ community. It's a roller disco like no other, where acceptance, love, and self-expression reign supreme. We encourage you to unleash your inner diva, show off your fiercest moves, and skate to the beat of your own fabulousness. The event is not just about roller skating—it's about empowerment, resilience, and being unapologetically you. Together, we'll create a magical atmosphere that will leave you feeling inspired, uplifted, and with memories that will last a lifetime.

So, whether you're a seasoned skater or just starting your roller journey, join us at our Gay Roller Skating Event. Lace up your skates, bring your loved ones, and let's roll together! This is a celebration of love, acceptance, and mental well-being that transcends age, gender, and orientation. We can't wait to see you on the rink, spreading glitter, and experiencing the sheer magic of roller skating in the heart of Brisbane. Let the good times roll!

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